Who Are The Chicks?

Hi, I’m Erin and I go by the name of Chick 1 around here.  I work at a motion graphics/animation shop in Nashville, TN.   I love well-told stories and I’m a geek!

Current Obsessions: BBC’s Sherlock, Doctor Who, Robert Downey Jr, Alan Rickman,

Enduring Obsessions: Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Emma Thompson, almost anything by Working Title, almost anything with British accents & costumes


Here are a few tidbits on Chick 2:

Got Nikon FG-20 in 1985 ** Shot sports for HS yearbook ** Graduated Belmont**Taught school and coached for 10 years ** Began traveling to Italy and beyond ** Left teaching to work in the movies as camera assistant ** Left movies to study still Photography ** Still shoots film with FG-20 ** still works on motion picture sets ** loves to shoot travel photography ** Has always loved coffee, chocolate, and movies ** check out wjphotography.net for more insight on Wendy Jo