I Can’t Wait: It’s Summer!!!! Part 1

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I wanted to post this a week ago so I could kick off the summer.  I know summer is supposed to start Memorial Day weekend or, if you’re a stickler, June 21st, but I’m talking about the summer according to Hollywood.  This may not be quite as big a movie summer as last year but there’s still some great stuff on the way.  For this post, let’s just take a look at May.

Wolverine:  I know, I know.  This has already opened but it was a really big opening and it truly kicked off the summer movie season, occupying the spot that Iron Man occupied last year.  I was always on the fence about this one & didn’t see it.  Opened May 1st.  You can see Chick 2′s review here.


Star Trek:  This is one of two that are at the top of my list this summer.  J.J. Abrams, amazing cast, and the trailers just keep on kicking ass!  All the fanboys are aflutter and this fangirl is too.  Abrams may make a Trekkie of me yet.  Check out my previous rantings about this movie here.  Opens May 8th.


The Brothers Bloom: This quirky little movie opens in limited release.  Rachel Weisz is becoming another fav actress and I love the tone of the trailer.  Could be a very fun movie if it doesn’t go too dark.  Opens May 15th.


Terminator Salvation:  I’ve been back and forth about this one.  I’ve never been a huge fan of the Terminator movies.  But I did think McG, who directs this, did a fun job with the Charlie’s Angels movies and, of course, there’s the matter of Christian Bale.  This is another one that has all the fanboys aflutter.  I predict it will be very popular & make a killing.  I just don’t know how I’ll like it.  Opens May 22nd.


Easy Virtue:  Another little film, British this time, opening in limited release.  It opens the same weekend as Terminator so it will be crushed.  But it looks like it might be more up my alley.  Great cast and set in one of my favorite time periods.  Opens May 22nd.


Up:  And finally, a new film from Pixar.  Pixar has an amazing record.  They are great animators but what really makes their pictures stand out is that they are great storytellers.  They understand the whole gamut from the basic tenets of narrative to the finer details of subtext and character.  That may sound snootty for an animated movie but great storytelling applies to all genres.  It’s what makes the difference between Babe and  Beverly Hills Chihuahua.  The ads have been what you’d expect; quirky, delightful, a little mysterious, and I love the dog!  And does anyone else think the bad guy looks just like Kirk Douglas?  Very much looking forward to this one.  Opens May 29th.

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