I Can’t Wait: It’s Summer!!!! Part 1

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I wanted to post this a week ago so I could kick off the summer.  I know summer is supposed to start Memorial Day weekend or, if you’re a stickler, June 21st, but I’m talking about the summer according to Hollywood.  This may not be quite as big a movie summer as last year but there’s still some great stuff on the way.  For this post, let’s just take a look at May. Read more

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Review: X-Men Origins Wolverine

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Or, How I Became Wolverine.  Or, What the X-Men Did Before Charles Xavier. Or, …  You get the point.  I suppose if I were a 25-year-old male who had grown up reading about the spandex clad Wolverine this movie would have thrilled me.  As it is, it was a slightly disappointing opening to the summer movie season.  Read more

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