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Quote of the Week

I don’t feel right.  I feel like I’m leaking.

James Kirk (Chris Pine)

Star Trek (2009)

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Review: This Means War

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The Basics: Friends and fellow spies Tuck (Tom Hardy – yum) and FDR (Chris Pine), accidently fall in love with the same woman.  Let the games begin!  How will poor Reese Witherspoon ever decide between two gorgeous guys who are crazy about her? 

What I Liked: This is a fun movie.  Honestly, the main reason I went to see it was the two leads, very easy on the eyes.  And I gotta say, Ms Witherspoon isn’t looking too bad either.  The movie, directed by McG, has his typical bright saturated colors and “Miami CSI” lighting.  In other words, the movie’s pretty too.  It’s never boring, all the leads are likable, and there are just the right amount of twists and turns. Read more

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Review: Star Trek

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Star Trek, it’s not just for geeks anymore.  Well, actually, that’s a little difficult for me to say since I am a geek.  But, Oh My Gosh! 

What I Liked:  Pretty much everything!  I was initially drawn to this movie by the cast and they did not disappoint.  Read more

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I Can’t Wait: It’s Summer!!!! Part 1

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I wanted to post this a week ago so I could kick off the summer.  I know summer is supposed to start Memorial Day weekend or, if you’re a stickler, June 21st, but I’m talking about the summer according to Hollywood.  This may not be quite as big a movie summer as last year but there’s still some great stuff on the way.  For this post, let’s just take a look at May. Read more

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