Review: The Women

Chick 2 says:
The Women is a movie that celebrates, well, women.  This story is all about women living their lives – with each other, with their family, with their careers, and with men, although the latter cannot be seen anywhere in the film, not even on the camera crew.  Walking though a door opened by Sex and the City, this movie makes a statement about finding out who we are (not some expected cliché of who we ought to be) and being true to that, even if things don’t always end tied up in a pretty little bow.  Just as important as being who we truly are is finding a family of friends who will love, support and accept us along the way.  Hopefully giving a comeback performance, Meg Ryan leaves behind some of her rom-com quirks and builds a character that is somewhat realistic.  Also believable is the conglomerate of the four friends (Annette Benning, Debra Messing, and Jada Pinkett Smith) as they handle their friend’s crisis in the midst of their own day to day.  It’s not a perfect family of friends, but such a support system is necessary, rewarding, and fun to watch. 










IF you want to spend an afternoon or evening celebrating your female relationships, THEN go.


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