Randomness: Fresh Guacamole

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I was introduced to this little ditty by one of the animators at my office.  One of this year’s Oscar nominees for Animated Short Film, it’s a whimsical example of claymation at its finest.

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Randomness: Paperman

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It’s Oscar week!  Instead of looking at all the big films that everybody knows, I thought we should celebrate by looking at some of the shorts that are nominated.  Paperman from Disney is a lovely little piece that combines old school hand drawings with CG technology.  It’s a sweet story that’s worth 6 minutes of your time.  Enjoy!

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Randomness: Happy Birthday, Gene Kelly!

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Happy 100th Birthday, Gene Kelly!  You’ve given me many happy hours over the years.

Choosing what clip to share is incredibly difficult when there are so many great moments.  Most people associate Kelly with the movie Singing in the Rain and its iconic title number.  And that is a classic routine.  And just as fascinating behind the scenes. (Kelly had a fever of 103 while performing; they added milk to the water to make it show up on camera) But as awesome as it is, I don’t think it’s the best number in the movie cause the film is packed with great performances.  Read more

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Randomness: Golden Globes

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I will spare you a rundown of the winners. You can find that here

But here are some (very) brief thoughts on tonight’s show:

Best Presenters/Most Adorable Couple: William H Macy and Felicity Huffman who sang their way through Best Actress in a TV Series - you can see and hear them here

Best Photobomb: (This was a very competitive category.) Tina Fey and Amy Poehler

Golden Globes: Tina Fey Photobomb
see more The Daily What

-Honorable Mention: Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet


Best Dressed: (giving it to a young ‘un this year) Shailene Woodley


Here’s to another great year of movies!  Happy viewing!


I almost forgot!  Hottest Grandma: (another tough category)74-year-old Jane Fonda


-Honorable Mention: 66-year-old Helen Mirren


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Randomness: Augmented Reality Cinema

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Now this is the kind of technology that gets my little geeky heart going pitter-patter!  Perfect for travelers/movie fans.  I don’t even own a smartphone (hope to by January, random, I know) but I will definitely be buying this app.

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Randomness: How Thor Should Have Ended

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This made me laugh.  That is all.

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Randomness: Raspberries for Sandra Bullock

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By now you know that Sandra Bullock won the Oscar for Best Actress Sunday night.  Her acceptance speech was humble and touching and she looked fabulous.  But did you know that she also received another prestigous award on Saturday and by winning both back to back she actually set a record? 

On Saturday the annual Razzie Awards were held in Los Angeles to celebrate the very worst Hollywood has to offer.  Bullock was nominated for her performance in All About Steve and, in keeping with her self-depricating humor, she showed up to accept.  She was charming and her appearance was the highlight of the evening.  You can check it out below.  And, yes, she is the only actor to win an Oscar and a Razzie in the same year. Read more

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Randomness: Oscar Notes 2010

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Here we go again!

7:06 pm – Of course they all look gorgeous but Sandra Bullock looks great!  That’s a winner’s dress.  Just my little prediction.

7:22 pm – Does Miley Cyrus even know who Kathy Ireland is?

7:43 pm – Yay!  Finally a funny opening act…and Doogie to boot! Read more

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Randomness: Pixar’s Amazing Tech Advances

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I have long praised Pixar and their movies.  They took animation, which had largely been a children’s only genre, and focused on bringing depth and meaning to the story and characters.  While the animation was amazing, it was their creative storytelling that always hooked me.

I’ve worked at an animation company long enough now to appreciate some of the more technical but still very creative aspects of CGI.  And now there is an excellent article on those break throughs over at Den of Geek.  Of all these, I do remember being completely blown away by Sulley’s hair in Monsters Inc.  You can read the full article here.

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Randomness: Cool Movie Posters

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Check out these cool minimalist movie posters.  My favorites are the Back to the Future series below.  You can see more here.


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