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Review: About Time

Chick 1 says:AboutTime

Very excited about this time traveling romance from Richard Curtis and I was not disappointed

I love most of what Curtis has written.  Four Weddings and a Funeral, Love Actually, the screen play for Bridget Jones’ Diary, even a lovely little episode of Doctor Who (which I secretly hope got him thinking about time travel for this one).  I knew he’d bring heartwarming humor, romance, and poignancy with just the perfect amount of British snark. Read more

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Short Takes: Silver Linings Playbook

Chick 2:silver-linings-playbook-2

Overall Concept:  A-  Messy and compelling

Acting: A  Bradley Cooper certainly equals Jennifer Lawrence’s award winning perfomance

Script: A-

Cinematography:  A

Hotness of Cast:  B

Wardrobe: A

Location/Setting:  A

Climax:  A   A little bumpy like the rest of it, but happy.

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Short Takes: Argo

Chick 2 says:argo

Overall Concept:  A    A story worth telling. 

Acting: A+   

Script: A+

Cinematography:  A

Hotness of Cast:  Hmmm,  the 70’s ‘dos do nothing for them, but courage is hot.

Wardrobe: A    Made me flashback to my childhood.  (Production Design: A+)

Location/Setting:  A

Climax:  A    Got fingerprints on my glasses from covering my face.  (I should also add to this category – Opening: A    Horrifying, and current.)

Special Effects: A-

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Short Takes: Zero Dark Thirty

Chick 2 says:zero-dark-thirty


Overall Concept: B    Such a huge event had to be made into a movie.

Acting: A    Officially award winning.  Very compelling.

Script: A-

Cinematography:  A

Hotness of Cast:  B

Wardrobe: A    Makes me want to buy aviators and camp shirts.

Location/Setting:  A

Climax:  B+    Very quiet, but maybe that’s appropriate.

Special Effects: A

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Short Takes: Les Miserables

Chick 2 says:les-miserables-love

Overall Concept:  A   Obviously a beloved classic

Acting:  A+   Brilliant performances by everyone

Script: A-    It’s a musical that covers an entire epic novel.  But the story is classic and moving.

Cinematography:  A-   Beautiful.  Gorgeous.  As well as the Art Direction.  But the missed focus caused by the shallowest of Depth of Field drove me crazy!

Hotness of Cast:  A    This is a tough one because this movie takes some beautiful people and makes them look as bad as they can.  But the beautiful singing voices coming from them remind you why they’re stars.

Wardrobe: A   I’m ready to go buy some French military jackets and pin a Vive La France badge to it.

Location/Setting:  A  I loved the sets and the painterly look of the backdrops.  These are the views we’ve seen of this historical time period and it felt like we were in a painting.

Climax:  B    There are several climaxes (epic novel) and each one is moving, but after you’ve cried through 5 or 6 of them you’re a little worn out.  The end shot is beautiful however.

Special Effects: A


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Review: Les Miserables

Chick 1 says:les-miserables

Confession: I’ve never seen Les Mis, not other movies, none of the stage productions, never even read the book.  So the plot was a complete unknown for me.  I was surprised at how much story there is and how quickly it moves along.  Even at almost 3 hours, it feels like we barely are introduced to one character or idea before we’re whisked along to the next scene.  (“Oh, she’s destitute already.  OK.”)  This doesn’t mean that there is no depth to the story; the music, acting and, filmmaking make sure you know each person well enough to care what happens to them.  But despite the brisk pace, it does at times seem a bit long. Read more

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Review: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Chick 1 says:

First off, Martin Freeman is fabulous.  It now seems rather obvious that he was meant to play Bilbo Baggins but two years ago, Peter Jackson was so convinced that he rearranged The Hobbit shooting schedule to accommodate Freeman’s Sherlock schedule.  Freeman brings so much complexity and charm, insecurity and common man sensibility, excuse me, hobbit sensibility to Bilbo that he continues to grow and grow right in front of you; as any great protagonist should.  Of course some of that credit should go to Tolkien himself, the screenwriters, and Jackson’s direction.  But it’s Freeman who wins our hearts on that huge screen. Read more

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Review: Moonrise Kingdom

Chick 1 says:

Go.  See.  It.

It’s quirky.  It’s weird.  It’s charming.  It’s funny.  It’s…what the….?  Oh my gosh! Did they really just do that?

Filled with an amazing cast bringing bizarre and likable characters to life, the story is unlike anything you’ve seen.  The cinematography and music all bring my childhood into clear focus and the art department and wardrobe must have had a blast creating this world.

It will jar you at times but you will enjoy the ride.

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Short Takes: Skyfall

Chick 2 says:

Overall Concept: A   The Bond series has been renewed ever since Daniel came along, but this is its freshest take yet.  Combine Craig with Sam Mendes, Roger Deakins, and Thomas Newman, and that’s a formula for a great movie regardless of it’s past.  Add in Ben Whishaw as the new Q, and this installment is off to a good start.*

Acting: B   It’s a Bond movie – acting not required.  But brilliant turn by Javier Bardem.

Script: B   It’s a Bond movie – script not required.

Cinematography:  A++    Roger Deakins – top notch, brilliant,  one of my favs

Hotness of Cast:  A+   It’s a Bond movie – hot actors required.

Wardrobe: A

Location/Setting:  A   Beautiful locations, also beautifully enhanced by great cinematography

Climax:  B

Special Effects: A


*See Chick 1’s review to read more about the drawbacks of being still just another Bond movie.  Spoiler warning.

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Review: Skyfall

Chick 1 says:

Yay!  It’s holiday movie season and we get to start with a treat for the boys AND the girls.  Bond is back and he’s 50 years old.  And he’s in top form, considering his age.

There’s plenty of action including a great pre-credits sequence.  I didn’t find it quite as non-stop as Quantum of Solace but still good fun.  It does get a little slow in the last half of the second act and I didn’t think the climax quite lived up to the hype.  But it’s still a solid Bond. Read more

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