Review: Sunshine

Chick 2 says:

Director Danny Boyle definitely has a style about his movies (Trainspotting, Millions, the Beach), and I always enjoy the way he likes to push barriers.  Sunshine is a film that brings up philosophical questions about creation, natural selection, and preservation of life in a sci-fi setting.  Eight astronauts are on their way to a dying sun carrying a nuclear bomb with which they hope to restart it, the second mission following a mysteriously failed first attempt.  The closer we get to the end the further off the deep end this film steps, not quite to the extreme of 2001: A Space Odyssey.  (As far as landmark films go, I get Citizen Kane; I don’t get 2001.)  Perhaps some needed exposition was cut from the beginning of the story in order to quicken a still slow start, but the hand-held close-ups of the actors during the climax only adds to the confusion.  “Is he trying to get away or running to his death?”  It was hard to tell.  In the end you realize that this movie is actually “pro global-warming” – apparently death by solar fire is beautiful and pleasurable.  The cinematography is very stylistic, gorgeous, and just plain cool, as were the CGI effects.  There are also good performances by the cast and it’s nice to see Cillian Murphy, who I think is a decent actor, in a good guy role.


IF you like stylish, weird, philosophical, and not entirely lucid, THEN GO (rent it).

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