Review: Quantum of Solace

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Yummy Daniel Craig follows his debut as James Bond in Casino Royale.  Did I notice anything in the movie besides the ludicrously attractive Craig?  Surprisingly, yes!

What I Liked: The movie goes straight to the action, and it doesn’t let up.  Director Marc Forster employs the increasingly popular handheld camera to capture the fights & it really gets you inside the action.  The plot is driven in quick terse scenes, barely giving you time to catch your breath before you’re pulled into the next sequence of bone crunching stunts.  Things move fast & the ride is awesome.  The cast does a fine job & there are some very nice cinematic storytelling moments from both director & cinematographer.

What I Didn’t Like: Although the action really was heart-pounding, the handheld look makes it difficult to follow.  It was also a little difficult to follow the plot, with names, organizations, & exposition flying by in various accents that were hard to understand.  I found myself asking a lot of questions, both to myself & my sister.  “Who is White?  Is that Green?  Was he in the last one?  Do they both have a hold of the rope or just Bond?  Who’s on stairs & who’s on the scafolding?”  I had seen Casino Royale but I think it would have helped if I’d seen it recently.

Bottom Line: Less gagdetry & womanizing, more non-stop gritty action; fast-paced, never boring, definitely worth full admission.

Chick 2 says:

I never thought a James Bond film would be on my list of movies to catch on opening night.  In the past all of the Bond movies have quite frankly done nothing but offend and bore me, with the possible exception of Timothy Dalton’s turn in The Living Daylights, but I don’t believe that one was widely accepted among fans of the series.  However, the recent makeover of the icon has caught my attention.  While Casino Royale opened with a bang then got a bit slow in the middle, it did show a more human side of 007, or at least what could happen to a human to make him a heartless and cold killing machine.  Quantum of Solace carries on this fresh and new Bond, appealing to a wider audience than just males who like spies with cool gadgets.  Daniel Craig’s reinvention of this super-agent has given this character new life. Unlike Casino Royale, this movie contains no slow sections, with a revenge driven plot and amazing stunt after amazing stunt.  At times the plot is so espionage and double-cross laden that it lost me, but you don’t have to follow the plot to enjoy the ride.  007 will always have his patronizing moments, but they’ve managed to dilute those a bit in this 21st century, and the latest Bond Girl does kick quite a bit of you-know-what in the end.  I don’t think you can consider most Bond movies sequels, but I would call this one a sequel that raised the level of a pretty good first movie.  I declare the Holiday movie season officially open.


IF you’re looking for a slick, well-crafted, intense-action spy movie, THEN GO.

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