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Right now, Michael Bay wishes he were Baz Luhrmann. Australia touted epic and it delivers. It introduces the characters in typical Luhrmann fashion, a bit silly and showy, but within 15 minutes or so it begins to improve and, in my opinion, proves to be the director’s best work. The leads, played by Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman, are both people of tremendous character, the kind of people the world needs today. Lady Ashley (Kidman) comes to Australia and immediately must decide between the easy choice of returning to London and ignoring the injustice that’s being done Down Under, or making the tough decision to fight the battle of saving her husband’s ranch and the people whose lives would be affected. The Drover (Jackman) must decide to look out only for himself, or act to help others in need risking his career and his neck. Both decide to do what is right in spite of tremendous odds. In one particular scene you witness the resolve of the Drover to fight injustice, despite all hell breaking loose around him, he confronts racism face on and doesn’t back down, quoting Lady Ashley, “Just because that’s the way it is doesn’t mean that’s the way it should be.” These are the type of people that can change a world. The movie is shot in that sort of storybook reality that Luhrmann likes, but it works here, and fades into true reality as you are enveloped in the story.

IF you’re looking for a true epic movie that is worthy of opening the holiday season on the big screen, THEN GO.

Chick 1 says: (yes, I let her go first)

This movie was on my I Can’t Wait list.  (here)  And I did enjoy this movie at the theater.  But trying to write a review afterwards left me blank.  Not exactly a rave.  But here’s my attempt.

What I Liked:  It was certainly beautiful and epic.  Gorgeous cinematography.  Lush score. (& an extremely gratuitous shot of Hugh Jackman with his shirt off)

What I Didn’t Like: Very little.  My only complaint is that the movie felt like 2 movies strung together.  A little predictable in places.

Bottom Line: Apparently, the movie failed to deliver a lasting emotional punch for me.  Gorgeous, lush…meh.

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