2008 In Review

Chick 2 says:iron-man

Top Ten (of the 40 movies I saw)

            27 Dresses

            Iron Man

            What Happens in Vegas

            Sex and the City


            The Dark Knight

            Tropic Thunder

            Quantum of Solace



(listed by release date)

Bottom Ten (again, of the 40 movies I saw)



            The Happening

            The Incredible Hulk


            Nights in Rodanthe

            Beer For My Horses

            Vantage Point

            The Women

            Fool’s Gold

(here I have to clarify – I don’t think these were the 10 worst movies of the year, they were simply the bottom 10 of the movies I saw.  Since I don’t get paid to do this, I only see movies I think will be good.)

Movies I Wanted to See But Didn’t

            Charlie Bartlett

            Run, Fat Boy, Run

            Young @ Heart

            Smart People

            Bottle Shock


            Eagle Eye


            The Secret Life of Bees


            (plus 20 others)

Movies I Really Regret Not Seeing on the Big Screen

            Brideshead Revisited

            In Bruges


            The Day the Earth Stood Still


Movies I Really Regret Seeing

            The Incredible Hulk

            Nights in Rodanthe

Biggest Surprise of the Year

            Yes Man (in a good way)

            The Happening (not in a good way)

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