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File these under “I Hope They Know What They’re Doing.”

Old & New News:  There is no shortage of rumors surrounding the casting iron-man1of Iron Man 2.  We’ve already discussed the replacement of Terrence Howard with Don Cheadle here.  Added to the mix is Tim Robbins as Stark’s dad, obviously in flashbacks.  That could work.  I like that they keep casting “serious” actors in a superhero movie. 

That’s part of what made the 1st one work.  But things get a little messy when we look at potential villians.  Fasten your seatbelts, folks.  So far we have heard:

1. John Cho as the Mandarin.  I like Cho.  He might fit just fine.

2. Tommy Chong as the Mandarin’s father.  O…kay, I’m open minded.

3. Mickey Rourke as the Crimson Dynamo.  Again, glad to see they are casting great talent, but Rourke with Downey might end up competing for the title of Comeback Kid.

4. Sam Rockwell as a competitor of Stark’s.  That could be great if not overdone.  Rockwell could easily be on par with Downey’s talent & charisma.

5. Emily Blunt as the Black Widow/Stark’s assistant.  I like Blunt & would love to see her in a blockbuster.  We know that Gwyneth Paltrow, who played Tony’s assistant/love interest in the 1st, is returning for the sequel so this makes for interesting news.  ****Spoilers follow**** There has already been talk of the writers following the storyline that has Pepper leaving the company & marrying Happy Hogan (Jon Favreau), thus setting off Stark’s descent in alcoholism.  This definitely points to that direction.****Spoilers end****

Here’s my concern.  Too many villains.  Hopefully, these are mostly rumors surrounding a very hot pic but it is starting to sound like Batman & Robin.  (The horror!!!)  Maybe the powers that be are just setting up villains to come as they plan for a longer franchise.  This worked in the Spiderman movies with minor characters like Peter’s professor & MJ’s fiance poised to become villains in future installments.  Maybe some of these parts in Iron Man 2 will be small cameos.  I hope so cause it’s getting awfully crowded on set.

New News: They are remaking The Karate Kid.  I know.  Don’t get me jackie-chanstarted.  That rant can wait for another blog.  Will Smith’s son, Jaden, who starred with his dad in The Pursuit of Happyness, has been cast in the title role.  I have mixed feelings about that.  Jaden did a fine job in that movie but I don’t know that he has the charisma or the acting chops to carry a movie. 

Also on the maybe-but-I-don’t-know front is the casting of Jackie Chan as Mr. Miyagi.  Chan is the closest to a real superhero I’ve seen.  Obviously he can handle the martial arts and he is also pretty funny.  He knows how to play to his strengths as the underdog you want to root for.  He might be fine in this role but I have to wonder if he can bring the wisdom & angst that Pat Morita brought to it.  I guess we’ll find out.

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  1. Leilani

    I’m with you and KK remake. Chan as Miyagi feels wrong. I struggle to see him as understated and taking a “back seat” to the kid.

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