I Can’t Wait: 2009 is Chick 1′s Year to Geek Out

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2008 was a great year for movies, especially if you like popcorn entertainment like I do.  Superheros continued to rise to new levels.  There were some great animated pictures, and a variety of smaller smart films.  But 2009 is poised to be the year that my geekiness reaches new levels of its own.

It’s already difficult for me to deny my geekdom.  I love almost anything in the fantasy/scifi genre.  I’m a huge Harry Potter & Lord of the Rings fan.  I’ve even read Lord of the Rings fanfiction.  (Shut up! and give me back my bookbag!)  But look at the geek line up of huge tentpole movies coming out in 2009:

Watchmen: watchmenI’ve never been much of a comic book reader.  But as more & more of them are made into movies, they’ve started to exert their pull on my geekiness.  These days, they are called graphic novels and one of the most acclaimed has been made into a movie being released this year.  Watchmen grabbed my attention the very first time I saw the trailer.  Weird, wonderfully retro & futuristic at the same time, and very dark, going places even The Dark Knight was unwilling to go–this looks to be a fascinating ride. 

AnInternet uproar ignited in February 2008 when 20th Century Fox filed a lawsuit against the Watchmen producers at Warner Bros., claiming that Fox owned the rights to the original material.  Fanboys everywhere cried out in protest as the release of the film was jeopardized.  On January 15th, the court ruled in favor of Fox, a settlement was reached where Warner Bros will pay Fox a buttload of cash, and the fanboys will still see their movie on March 6th.  Everybody happy?  See the stunning (IMO) trailer here.

Star Trek:  Geek royalty JJ Abrams directs this greatly anticipated rebootstar-trek of the Star Trek franchise.  This is where I really cross over to the dark side.  I’ve always been able to hold myself above other geeks because “I wasn’t a trekkie”.  But my attention was captured by the awesome cast in this movie.  And Abrams already has my loyalty from projects like Alias, Mission Impossible 3, & one of my current obsessions, Lost, and he looks to deliver here.  Guess I’ll have to get off my pedestal & join the rest of the run of the mill geeks.  Opens May 8th.  See the promising trailer here

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince:  Yet another internet uproarharry-potter-half-blood-prince was created when Warner Bros (not a good PR year for this studio) decided to push back the next installment in this franchise from November 2008 to July 2009.  They tried to say it was to diminish the wait time between this one & the next, but either way fans ended up having to wait 2 years between movies.  Book 6, upon which this movie is based, is my favorite in the series.  Harry finally realizes who his true love is,  we find out what the deal is with Voldemort, and Ron gets to play quidditch.  And do you know how it ends?! p$es*ir@(fp;!  Directed by David Yates who directed Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, the 5th & best (so far) in the series.  Trailer looks awesome!  See it here.  Opens July 17th.

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  1. wj11

    Actually, if I may challenge your geekness, Ron was supposed to play quidditch in movie 5, but it was cut from the script. And, obviously, Prisoner of Azkaban, directed by Alfonso Cuaron is the best in the series of movies.

  2. princessroney

    Yes, I know Ron was supposed to play quidditch in #5 but I didn’t want to get into that in the article. I also could have ranted about how in the trailer it looks like the burrough is burning & it better not!!!!

    Disagree on best HP movie. I think Order of the Phoenix has inched past Azkaban as the best so far.

  3. Leilani

    Okay, I’ll help get your bookbag back if you’ll help me get mine. I’ve always been a closet comic fan. Watchmen, until it got stupid, and other cutting edge graphic novels. It’s why I love Heroes. Star Trek, because when my sister was sick and I lived with her, I had no choice. (secretly, I liked it). I know enough to be a Trekkie by now. And my princess friend and her sister who introduced me to Potter. I’m in the same club as you …

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