Review: He’s Just Not That Into You

 Chick 2 says:not-into-you

As both Flick Chicks have pointed out, January/February release dates do not mean tent-pole pictures.  However, it’s hard to make a horrible movie when you fill it with talented actors.  He’s Just Not That Into You is a bit meandering and has no emotional punctuation marks as it follows multiple storylines.  It is framed in such a way that you can feel it’s self-help book roots, however, once translated to the big screen apparently the writers felt that everyone in the movie version needed to be the exception to the rule, rather than the victim.  It did manage to renew the hope of love in me somewhat, but more importantly is the message that perhaps the “happy ending” is simply being happy.  It was fun to sit in a theatre in which I counted four males and hear the female responses to sometimes painfully true to life situations, especially when one female laughed heartily when one of the male characters does exactly the right thing. 

IF you want what is probably the most well made film in theatres right now, THEN GO.

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