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Having seen Good Night and Good Luck on my RDJ list, I decided to add some George Clooney movies to my queue.  And this Oscar nominated thriller was next.

What I Liked: Quite a lot.  This is an intelligent, smooth thriller.  The story quietly moves along letting the tension rumble beneath the surface.  Delving into corporate greed and corruption, the plot explores the idea of redemption however messy or complicated that redemption becomes.  The cast is excellent.  Tilda Swinton won a Supporting Actress Oscar for her role and Clooney, besides providing some nice scenery, hits the perfect note as a lawyer struggling with new pangs of conscience.  But for me it’s Tom Wilkinson’s performance that really stands out.  He nails his portrayal of a man descending into madness accented with moments of piercing clarity. 

What I Didn’t Like:  Mmm..very little.  I did have to rewind the beginning to make sure I caught everything in the manic, tightly packed opening voice over but can you really complain about a thriller being too smart?  I also feel that a minor supernatural subplot was underexplored but too much more would have felt a bit heavyhanded.  So, I guess there’s not much to criticize.

Bottom Line: A smart, suspenseful story.  Worth a rental.  Breakout the popcorn.

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