I Can’t Wait: Two New Full Fledged Trailers

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We’ve finally move from teasers to trailers for two of my most anticipated features of the New Year.

Alice In Wonderland:  Lots more footage here.  Still looks exciting & weird.  Johnny Depp still doing his Elijah Wood impersonation.  Love that Helena Bonham-Carter’s personality shines through her warped head.

Inception:  While there is more footage in this trailer too, I still don’t have a clue what’s going on. But I am completely fascinated. And I suspect that the story would be spoiled by knowing too much about this apparently mind bending plot.  Plus the cast just keeps getting better and better.  I had forgotten that Ellen Page is in it.  And was that Lucas Haas we glimpsed so briefly?

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  1. wj

    Are you sure it’s NOT Elijah Wood?

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