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I have been excited about this new Fox TV show because it comes from the producer, Simon West, and star, Mark Valley, of the short lived Keen Eddie.  Keen Eddie was brilliant conceptually, but most likely got cancelled after only 13 episodes because its script couldn’t keep up with the high bar set by its production value.  Ultimately the great characters and slick flash cuts were not enough to keep it on the air.  I had high hopes for Human Target, thinking perhaps Simon West had brought along better writers.  Color me disappointed.  The show’s level of story, plot development, and even some of the acting (from not-that-bad actors) is along the lines of all those Donald P. Bellasario productions from the late ‘80’s and early ‘90’s.  Even the theme song feels like something I would have watched on a Friday night around 1984, as a lead-in to the original V.  There are, however, two reasons to watch Human Target:  the fight scenes, and Mark Valley.  Valley is a martial artist, and the fights are well choreographed and cut in such a fashion that you can actually see the moves.  And Valley has his same Keen Eddie understated charm.  Although Chi McBride and Jackie Early Haley seem to be reading their scripts as if they are still in rehearsal, McBride and Valley have enough onscreen chemistry as partners that you don’t mind.

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