I Can’t Wait!: New Sherlock Holmes Trailer

Chick 1 says:sherlock-holmes-2

First footage for the Sherlock Holmes sequel premiered on Entertainment Tonight a day or 2 ago, but it’s quality (the footage itself, not the movie) was so poor I didn’t bother with it, knowing the trailer couldn’t be far behind.  And here it is.  I was a little concerned, before viewing, that it might be a bit too explode-y.  I liked the action in the first movie but I don’t think fans want to see the series depart too much from what made Sherlock, well, Sherlock; namely, his wits!  The story still seems like great fun and all the working elements from the first movie seem to be here, especially the chemistry between Holmes & Watson.

Best Line While Hanging From A Moving Train: I’M ON MY (kicks Holmes in butt) HONEYMOON!

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows opens December 16th.

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