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Chick 1 says:

The Hobbit: In case you haven’t heard, after much speculation Peter Jackson confirmed that The Hobbit will be expanded into three movies instead of the originally planned two.  Despite my love and trust for Jackson and the whole Lord of the Rings team, my response to this announcement is a big weary sigh.

I know they had lots of extra footage from Lord of the Rings, thus the 3 hour theatrical releases and the 4 hour extended cuts (which I consider the True Movies) but the Lord of the Rings books were more than 3 times longer than The Hobbit.  Once again they have lots of extra footage, as well as details they want to pull from the Appendices; Tolkien wrote volumes of notes about Middle Earth outside of his novels.  Although I remain skeptical, I already know that Jackson, et al will be getting a lot of my money over the next couple of years.  They probably just tripled the amount.

Doctor Who: Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

New trailer for Season 7! The premiere airs across the pond sometime toward the end of August and should follow on BBC America about a week later.  We know Rory and Amy will depart before Christmas and…


Mark Williams is Rory’s dad.  That’s right!  Ron Weasley’s dad is also Rory Williams’ dad.  His sperm must be made entirely of awesome.


Enjoy, fellow geeks!

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  1. Heather

    “Who killed all the Dalecks?”~Rory

    “Who do you think?”~The Doctor

    My first reaction to this scene is that Amy killed them, but then I thought who loves to make a great scene in killing a mast number of bad guys? Oh yeah her daughter, River!!

  2. WJ

    They probably need more time to talk about their big, stupid, hairy feet.

    Oh, look at all those salt and pepper shakers!

    Um, daughter?

  3. Chick 1

    Aw, Wendy. You’re so far behind on Doctor Who.

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