2012: Best Moments in a Theater

Chick 1 says:les-miserables-anne-hathaway

It’s that time of year again; a time to revisit the year’s highlights in filmmaking.  SPOILERS follow so I would recommend reading the tags to make sure you’ve seen all the movies listed here.

And without any further ado:

District 11 riots after the death of Rue.  (The Hunger Games)

John Blake’s middle name!!!  OMG!  Oh, JGL, how I crush on you.  (The Dark Knight Rises)

Agent Coulson becomes a fanboy… and then makes the ultimate sacrifice.  (The Avengers)

What are all these quirky characters doing in my childhood?  (Moonrise Kingdom)

What can make Daniel Craig even better?  More Judi Dench.  (Skyfall)

Pixar once again manages to distill storytelling down to its essence.  (La Luna)

Bilbo Baggins discovers the value of home, finds his courage, and makes a promise.  (The Hobbit)

Anne Hathaway breaks, no, shatters my heart. (Les Miserables)

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