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Trailer Trash: Paging…Oscar Season

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It’s a bit early for Oscar season.  There are still a few big summer movies due out yet.  But it is time for the trailers for upcoming Oscar bait to start hitting.  Here are a couple that look intriguing. Read more

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Casting Notes

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A couple of rumors floating around tinsel town.  These are very early so they may never materialize.

Old News: These days it seems anything from old TV shows to video games to board games to amusement park rides is up for translation to the big screen. There have even been whispers of a Facebook movie which I thought had to have been one of the dumbest ideas I’ve ever heard. But recently a script has surfaced, at Forbes of all places, by none other than Aaron Sorkin. You’re probably familiar with a few of his smaller projects…like West Wing and A Few Good Men. He’s really a talented smart writer and the story is apparently about Facebook founder, not just the site, so it could have some serious potential.

georgeNew News: And from the yummy department, there’s a new rumor that George Clooney has expressed an interest in picking up the abandoned Jack Ryan franchise with himself in the lead and is looking for a writer. I personally don’t think the franchise has ever reached its full potential even with the rather large collection of dashing men to play Ryan.  Alec Baldwin was my favorite Jack, in one of his few good guy roles, and The Hunt for Red October was a fantastic movie.  I didn’t think any of the following movies were as good.  I certainly like Harrison Ford in the role but always missed Baldwin.  I have recently watched Patriot Games on TV several times and the movie & Ford’s Jack are growing on me.  Sum of All Fears was, in my opinion, mediocre.  Sorry, Ben.  But I think Clooney could have what it takes.  He’s the proper age; no more youthful Ryans, he can act, and he can carry intensity.  We’ll see about the action.  I hope this is one rumor that proves true.

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