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Review: Up

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The Basics: I don’t really want to give you the basics of this one.  It’s such a delight to discover the plot as it unfolds.  You can see the trailer here if you like.

What I Liked:  I was completely captivated by the lead character from the very first moment.  As I’ve ranted previously, Pixar really does know how to tell a story and this movie is a great example of “show, don’t tell”.  It was exciting, funny, and made me cry more than once.  The animation is gorgeous.  Some of the landscapes look real.  Really all the characters are wonderful.  It’s strange because some of the plot points I could see coming from a mile away but I still found it exciting and gasped more than once.  I think that is because along with some great action sequences, the themes of the movie are really grown up.  Again, I won’t go into detail but, in many ways, this isn’t a kids movie.  Yes, it’s safe for kids and definitely whimsical but who says whimsical is a kid’s thing?

What I Didn’t Like:  (crickets chirping)

Bottom Line:  A delightful, touching, beautiful story.  Bring your funny bone & some tissue.

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