safe haven

Short Takes: Safe Haven

Chick 2 says:safe-haven

Overall Concept: B-   Saved a C by a slight twist at the end I actually didn’t see coming.  Otherwise, take Sparks’ same ole formula, insert new hot actors.  There is obviously something appealing about this tired old formula, because they keep making ‘em and we keep seeing ‘em.    

Acting:  B+  

Script: C    Sparks is not much for an in-depth backstory and wants to get straight to the luv.

Cinematography:  A    I always want to live in these charming Southern towns.

Hotness of Cast:  A++

Wardrobe: A   Realistic, but makes me want a coastal vacation.

Location/Setting:  A

Climax:  B-    Dramatic event without a lot of drama.

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