Review: G.I. Joe

Chick 1 says:gijoe

First off, apologies for the long silence.

Now on to G.I. Joe, which I can describe in one word, and I truly mean this as a compliment, …craptastic!  OK, I totally stole that description of the movie from, but it’s completely accurate.

The Basics: Have no idea how to sum this up.  Elite group of soldiers, bad guys, stolen weapons, secret training lairs, blah, blah blah.  If you’ve watched the cartoon or read the comics, you know.  If you haven’t, you’ll catch on quickly. Read more

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Review: Transformers

 Chick 2 says:transformers

Put in some slow motion, a lot of light flares, and a circular dolly track shot and Michael Bay thinks you’ve got a movie.  Add some performance footage of a rock band and I admit it would make a good music video.  Maybe Bay should stick to that.  Read more

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