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 Chick 1 says:wimbledon

This rom-com about an aging tennis pro and an up & coming tennis star trying to prove that love doesn’t mean anything has become one of my favorites.

What I Liked: There are several things this movie has going for it, at least for me, right off the bat. 1. Paul Bettany as “Peter, Peter Colt” - yum & charasmatic as well. 2. British accents (see 1.). 3. London/Brighton scenery.  So I’m pretty happy from the start.  The movie has a strong cast; always like Kirsten Dunst & she has great chemistry with Bettany. Jon Favreau delivers as both players’ slimey but lovable agent. But the highlights among the characters come from Colt’s family. Eleanor Bron (A Little Princess) is great as his overbearing mom & Bernard Hill (Titanic, Lord of the Rings), an actor I love to watch, is delightful as dad. Throw in James McAvoy (Narnia, Atonement) as Colt’s “wanker of a brother” and you have a family that ‘s both comedic & heartwarming. 

The story is original while still staying within the romantic comedy formula, and the romance is satisfying. But besides being a great romantic comedy, I think Wimbledon is also a fun sports movie. The writers & director employ what they call “radiohead,” hearing the actor’s thoughts, throughout several matches & it works.  Add to this some creative live & CG tennis camerawork, and the matches keep you engaged with the characters, romance, & overall story.

What I Didn’t Like: Um……yea, I think this is a great romantic comedy.

Bottom Line:  Becoming one of my favorite rom-coms. If you like romantic comedies, especially of the British variety, rent this immediately.

Chick 2 says:

Wimbledon is romantic-comedy at its best, with a little sports movie thrown in for good measure. The relationship develops with typical meet-cute, sufficient obstacles, and lots of fun. The tennis side of things does a great job with the sports photography, just enough slow-mo, and an accurate description (in this amateur athlete’s opinion) of the dialogue that goes on inside your head and the lengths you’ll go to to maintain superstitions. Kirsten Dunst is good in almost anything she does, Paul Bettany is at his most charming, and there’s even a quirky up-and-coming James McAvoy as Bettany’s brother. What makes this movie are the little bits – like the background of London, the lasting relationship between his parents, and a handsome practice partner – that add up to a more than satisfying total.

IF you’re looking for a good rental to enjoy, make you laugh, and get you ready for spring tennis season, THEN GO (rent it).

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