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Review: X-Men – First Class

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I’m not a huge X-Men fan. I’ve seen all the movies and they’re alright.  (Except X-Men 3. That Famke Janssen scared the crap out of me!) Other than that, never read the comics or watched the cartoons. So I came to this movie with few expectations. That usually helps me enjoy a movie more and this was no exception.

The Basics: It’s really back to the beginning with this origin story. Charles Xavier (Professor X) is a young Oxford grad student studying mutations. After being contacted by the CIA, he begins to track down other mutants including Erik Lensherr (Magneto). Of course, nothing’s that easy and pretty soon prejudice, fear, and manical baddies complicate things. Read more

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Review: Wimbledon

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This rom-com about an aging tennis pro and an up & coming tennis star trying to prove that love doesn’t mean anything has become one of my favorites.

What I Liked: There are several things this movie has going for it, at least for me, right off the bat. 1. Paul Bettany as “Peter, Peter Colt” - yum & charasmatic as well. 2. British accents (see 1.). 3. London/Brighton scenery.  So I’m pretty happy from the start.  Read more

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