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A few little points of interest from development land.

maggie_gyllenhaalOld News: I’ve mentioned my excitement over the upcoming sequel to Emma Thompson’s Nanny McPhee here.  Last month we learned that Maggie Gyllenhaal has been cast in the project.  I think Maggie is delightful and I’m so glad to see her joining Emma.  There aren’t any details on her part but my completely uneducated guess is that she’ll be playing the mother of the family that needs Nanny McPhee’s touch.

New News: Blue Man Group is getting a movie.  No, really.  And not just a concert movie but a real movie with a story and everything.  I’ve never seen the Group in concert so I really have no idea where this could go.  Let’s hope they’re just as creative with the movie as they have been with their act.

bruce_willisMore New News: Following my obsession with all things fairy tale, comes news that Bruce Willis has taken the lead in a movie called Grimm.  He plays a cop in a New England town who tries to uncover the key to a series of fairy tale related deaths.  While I’m always for an inventive way to tell a fairy tale, I’m not bowled over by the plot.  I hope it’s not just another horror movie, although I don’t really see Bruce Willis doing a run of the mill horror movie.  I might be cautious about this project because of the Terry Gilliam film The Brothers Grimm, starring Matt Damon and the late Heath Ledger.  I hated that movie.  It tried to be a dark comedy but I didn’t think it ever struck the right tone.  Hopefully, this one will fare better. (Besides, I think Willis is pretty much the sexiest man in Hollywood.  He can smirk at me anyday!)

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