Trailer Trash: Shymalan, Carrey, & Willis

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A couple of interesting blips popped up this week.

The Last Airbender:  M. Night Shymalan is currently directing the movie version of Nickelodeon’s series of the same name.  I’ve never seen it so I have no idea what it’s about but I’m glad to see Shymalan branching out.  I’m excited to learn that Shymalan has cast Dev Patel of Slumdog Millionaire fame as the villain in this story.  I loved Slumdog Millionaire and Patel was awesome in it.  He has a face that you sympathize with no matter what so I’m glad he’s been given a chance to be the bad guy.  Let’s hope Shymalan can recover some of his former brilliance.  Here’s a first peek.


A Christmas Carol:  There have been roughly 400 versions of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol including the recently released disaster Ghosts of Girlfriends Past.  The next one up is from director Robert Zemeckis using the same motion capture animation he used in Polar Express and Beowulf.  Jim Carrey stars as Ebenezer Scrooge.  Despite Carrey’s talent this version will have to be exceptionally inspired to make it to my I Can’t Wait! list.  You can view the teaser footage below.


Surrogates: This creepy trailer for a new Bruce Willis thriller was released this week.  The movie seems to be a mix of I, Robot, The Matrix, and one point in the trailer made me think of The Happening.  You’ll know it when you see it.  Opens September 25th.


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  1. wj11

    Surrogates looks interesting.

    “Disaster”? You can’t call my friend’s movie a disaster. The Happening was a disaster, Ghosts of Girlfriends was just a little flat.

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