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Troperiffic Tuesday!: Stuff Blowing Up

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In continuing to explore my friend’s own personal genre of Men of Honor Blowing Stuff Up, this week we look at … Stuff Blowing Up.  Explosions are such a staple of movies that they are basically a subgenre of tropes.  And the reason for their rampant use isn’t nearly so deep or complicated; explosions are cool and people, especially men, like them.  They’re an awesome way to anchor an action set piece and they look great visually.  Should you put explosions in your movie?  Unless you’re working on a Jane Austen adaptation the answer is yes!  And even then you should at least consider it.  (I think I just invented my own genre.) Read more

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Randomness: Wow…what a realistic computer screen.

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Ever get a giggle at the completely-not-connected-with-reality computer screens that are often shown in the movies?  I’m looking at you, Mission Impossible.  Remember the screen when Ethan is sending emails to Job.  It’s awful.  Granted, it was 1996 and the internet & email were still relatively new but most folk knew it looked nothing like that.

Sometimes the unrealistic screens work within the world of the movie.  In The Matrix, the computer interface is obviously an important part of the script and we’re willing to believe that the strange characters and the falling green columns are meaningful to the crew of the Nebuchadnezzar. Read more

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Trailer Trash: Shymalan, Carrey, & Willis

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A couple of interesting blips popped up this week.

The Last Airbender:  M. Night Shymalan is currently directing the movie version of Nickelodeon’s series of the same name.  I’ve never seen it so I have no idea what it’s about but I’m glad to see Shymalan branching out.  Read more

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