Trailer Trash: A Slew of New Ones

Chick 1 says:knight-and-day

First peeks at several new films I’ve been curious about.  My reactions range from “meh” to “it might not be that bad”.

The Karate Kid: My feelings on this upcoming remake have been suspicious, especially the casting of Jackie Chan & Jaden Smith in the leads.  I have to admit this trailer had a nice energy but I’m still not convinced it has the heart the original one had.  Maybe I just still have a soft spot for Ralph Macchio.

Knight and Day:  I confess I hadn’t even heard of this one.  I saw it before Avatar.  It stars Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz.  I think the premise is a interesting but couldn’t decide if it looks good or not.  It’s starting to grow on me a bit.

The A Team:  Starring Liam Neeson and Bradley Cooper.  OK, I’ll bite.  Show me what ya got.

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2 Responses to Trailer Trash: A Slew of New Ones

  1. wj

    Does it mean you’re old when your childhood is suddenly everywhere on the big screen?
    And they need to change “Face”‘s name to “Body”.

  2. leilani

    Everything old is new again. I know it’s the job of a trailer to make me want to watch it, but they all worked. KK, ATeam, Robin Hood, even Knight and Day. I hope the best bits weren’t what I’ve already seen.

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