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Trailer Trash: A Whole Basket of Goodies!

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A slew of interesting trailers came out last week. It looks like the fall will be exciting!

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy: Based on the 1974 novel, this film is packed with British acting heavyweights. The movie looks tense and tightly put together but I’ll be going mostly because of the amazing cast. Opens November 18th.


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Trailer Trash: A Slew of New Ones

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First peeks at several new films I’ve been curious about.  My reactions range from “meh” to “it might not be that bad”.

The Karate Kid: My feelings on this upcoming remake have been suspicious, especially the casting of Jackie Chan & Jaden Smith in the leads.  I have to admit this trailer had a nice energy but I’m still not convinced it has the heart the original one had.  Maybe I just still have a soft spot for Ralph Macchio. Read more

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2008: Best Moments in a Theater

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Review: Valkyrie

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Whether it is the best movie ever made or not, I feel that Valkyrie is an important movie, and definitely one to go see.  Tom Cruise plays Claus von Stauffenberg, a German colonel committed to leading an assassination plot of Adolph Hitler.  Having been to Germany and walked through a concentration camp myself, this movie struck a note with me about Germans who believed in a Germany without Hitler.  Read more

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