2009: Best Moments in a Theater

Chick 1 says:star-trek

(I know everyone else is done with “year in review” articles but it is still January…just barely.)

Following a canon-destroying scene, the title card comes up with Michael Giacchino’s magnificent score underneath it. I am about to watch one of the best scifi movies in a long time. (Star Trek)

Pixar creates a perfect 10 minute film with a delightful 86 minute sequel attached. (Up)

The screenwriter takes a moment to call someone a bitch and the romantic comedy is about to be revived. ((500) Days of Summer)

I discover that bad movies are still a blast to watch…and review. (G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra)

Meryl Streep wins my undying affection. (Julie & Julia)

After an enjoyable 90 minutes I go home inspired in unexpected ways. (The September Issue)

RDJ and Jude Law for 2 hours… I am happy. (Sherlock Holmes)

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  1. Nina

    Now I feel better. I thought I was really out of the movie loop but I’ve seen all these but GI Joe. Didn’t like 500 or Sherlock too much–loved all the others.

  2. Nina

    Question: What award list do you think best reflects the top movies of a given year? Some of them have become so agenda driven.

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