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Review: About Time

Chick 1 says:AboutTime

Very excited about this time traveling romance from Richard Curtis and I was not disappointed

I love most of what Curtis has written.  Four Weddings and a Funeral, Love Actually, the screen play for Bridget Jones’ Diary, even a lovely little episode of Doctor Who (which I secretly hope got him thinking about time travel for this one).  I knew he’d bring heartwarming humor, romance, and poignancy with just the perfect amount of British snark. Read more

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Review: Blow Dry

Rachel Griffiths & Alan Rickman strut their stuff

Rachel Griffiths & Alan Rickman strut their stuff

Chick 1 says:

I’d been wanting to see this quirky little British movie for several years.  It has an amazing cast & looked like the hairstyling version of Strictly Ballroom, a movie I love. 

Blow Dry stars Alan Rickman as Phil, a hairstylist in the small British town of Keighly, who was once an international hairstyling champion.  He now owns a dumpy barber shop where he works with his son, Brian, played by Josh Hartnett.  Phil, has not competed in 10 years since his wife, Shelley, ran away with his hair model, Sandra (Natasha Richardson & Rachel Griffiths).  Shelly and Sandra now own a salon in the same town.  The storytellers kick things off with an announcement that the international hairstyling competition is coming to Keighly and the revelation that a character has cancer, then sit back and let the madness ensue. 

Well, kind of.  Read more

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