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Review: Seven Pounds

Chick 1 says:Seven Pounds

Will Smith in a drama; I’m there.  Will Smith in pretty much anything; I’m there.  The man has earned my trust.  He can act.  He’s charming.  And he can make the most mundane line funny.

What I Liked: Shocker.  I liked Will Smith.  I cared about his character, Ben Thomas, and wanted to know what the heck was going on with him.  Read more

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I Can’t Wait: Holiday Movies

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Having wandered through the first round of holiday movies with varying enjoyment, the start of December seemed to bring a lull in good films.  Seems that dry spell may end on Friday.

The Tale of Despereauxdespereaux1

This little fairy tale starring Matthew Broderick as the tiny mouse Despereaux and Emma Watson as Princess Pea, looks absolutely delightful.  Beautiful animation, fun cast, and a sweet story.  Opens Dec 19th.  See the trailer here. Read more

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