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I Can’t Wait: The Long Cold Winter

Let’s face it.  January and February are the nuclear waste dump of Hollywood.  A period when movies whose releases have been pushed further and further back because they couldn’t compete with whatever else was being released, movies that have disappointed studio execs, movies that studios don’t know what to do with, and movies that just have no one to believe in them find themselves finally showing to audiences.

Add to this the romantic comedy season leading up Valentine’s (a genre I’ll talk about in an upcoming blog) and choices at the theater can seem kind of bleak. Read more

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I Can’t Wait: Holiday Movies

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Having wandered through the first round of holiday movies with varying enjoyment, the start of December seemed to bring a lull in good films.  Seems that dry spell may end on Friday.

The Tale of Despereauxdespereaux1

This little fairy tale starring Matthew Broderick as the tiny mouse Despereaux and Emma Watson as Princess Pea, looks absolutely delightful.  Beautiful animation, fun cast, and a sweet story.  Opens Dec 19th.  See the trailer here. Read more

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I Can’t Wait!: Update on The Soloist

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I’ve had my 2nd temper tantrum in as many days.  Paramount has decided to push back the release of The Soloist to March 2009.  This will successfully eliminate the movie & its stars from the upcoming Oscar race.  Various websites have speculated as to why this move is being made.  Often a shift like this would be the sign that the studio has lost faith in the film but the trailer has been generating quite a bit of Oscar buzz for its director, stars, & writer.  Add to that the fact that director Joe Wright is coming off his success with Atonement & the phenomenal year Downey is having & it doesn’t make a lot of sense.  I think this could be a mistake & the movie could lose some of the momentum behind it.  Besides, Oscar worthy films released in spring are often overlooked come voting time.  Kristopher Tapley at www.incontention.com speculates that Downey’s lack of availability to promote the film due to his shooting schedule with Sherlock Holmes might have played a part in all this.

First Harry Potter, now this…stupid movie studio executive people.

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I Can’t Wait!: Australia, The Soloist, & Quantum of Solace

Fall is here & that means – Oscar season!  Yes, a few inspirational films scattered throughout a bunch of movies to slit-your-wrists-by.  Guess which ones I prefer.

On the heels of Oscar season comes the holiday movie season.  Blockbuster tentpole releases, family films (some crappy, some fun), & a few Oscar stragglers.

Here are a few upcoming releases that I’m excited about.  Hmmm… they all come out within 5 days of each other.

  Read more

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