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Troperiffic Tuesday!: One Steve Limit

Chick 1 says:

This week’s trope is once again an example of how the world of fiction often doesn’t (and possibly shouldn’t) mirror the real world.  Ever notice how in most books, TV shows, and movies no one has the same name?  But in the real world people share first, last, or both names all the time.  There is a very important reason that it doesn’t happen often in fiction; it’s confusing.

When you are creating a story and the universe in which your characters will live, everything is completely new to your audience, even if the plot takes place in modern day America.  And there are a lot of details to keep track of.  Having two characters with the same name or even similar sounding names, even if it is more realistic, will just muddy the waters. (Anyone else wonder in Lord of the Rings if they were talking about Sauron or Saruman?)  Thus almost all fictional works have a One Steve Limit. Read more

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