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Randomness: Oscar Notes 2010

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Here we go again!

7:06 pm – Of course they all look gorgeous but Sandra Bullock looks great!  That’s a winner’s dress.  Just my little prediction.

7:22 pm – Does Miley Cyrus even know who Kathy Ireland is?

7:43 pm – Yay!  Finally a funny opening act…and Doogie to boot! Read more

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Quote of the Week

You’re confusing stubborness with strength, my dear.

Queen Adelaide (Harriet Walter)

The Young Victoria (2009)

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Review: The Young Victoria

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This little British pic has been wandering around Europe and the festival circuit for over a year now.  Very glad to see it as award season kicks off.

The Basics:  While there are plenty of movies about the later years of Queen Victoria, this one covers – Surprise! – her younger years, especially the first three years of her reign. Read more

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