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Troperiffic Tuesday!: Car Fu

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Welcome back to Troperiffic Tuesday!  This week we take a look at one of my favorite action movie tropes.  When in a tight spot, the Hero often has to improvise a way to defend himself or others.  He may not have a weapon; maybe he’s the kind of Hero who Doesn’t Like Guns (a la MacGyver).  If he and his entourage are trying to escape, they may turn to one of the biggest and most easily obtainable weapons around, the car.  Let’s hope our Hero is skilled in the not-so-ancient art of Car Fu. Read more

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Troperiffic Tuesday: Lampshade Hanging

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What does this week’s trope have in common with your crazy Uncle Irwin?  Both wear a lampshade!  The trope this week is a trope about tropes.  Confused yet?  Then let’s learn about Lampshade Hanging.

Lampshade Hanging is sometimes used when a particular trope is glaringly obvious and threatens to distract from the story.  A trope is standing in the middle of the room in all it’s naked glory and the writer thinks that if he puts a lampshade on it, the audience will simply think it’s part of the scenery.  How does he do this?  By addressing the trope directly and calling it out.  Does it work?  If done correctly it does. Read more

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Review: Inkheart

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I was excited about this fantasy story, but worried by the January release date & the presence of Brendan Fraser.  I really like Fraser , especially in The Mummy & Scrubs, but he has been in some really stupid movies.  So I wasn’t sure what to expect. Read more

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