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New Trailers for The Tourist and (Squee!!!) Harry Potter

The Tourist: Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie in a thriller?  I’m in.  This trailer is actually the second to be released.  Looks like a good story and Depp and Jolie can certainly handle themselves.  Directed by Oscar-winning director Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck.  (there’s a name for ya)  I’m not a fan of the look that Depp is sporting but he’s still Johnny Depp…sigh.  Opens December 10th. Read more

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Randomness: Oscar Notes

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I wasn’t going to start this rundown of the telecast until it actually started at 7:30 CST.  But after what just happened on the red carpet, it’s time to start.

5:50 pm: All six children from the cast of Slumdog Millionaire being interviewed by Ryan Seacrest.  Was that not the most adorable thing ever?!  I could have eaten them all for dessert.  Closely followed by the other cast members from Slumdog, all humble, excited, and a little giddy.  And they seem to handling the whirlwind surrounding their film quite well.  I hope this movie wins Best Picture! Read more

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I Can’t Wait!: Australia, The Soloist, & Quantum of Solace

Fall is here & that means – Oscar season!  Yes, a few inspirational films scattered throughout a bunch of movies to slit-your-wrists-by.  Guess which ones I prefer.

On the heels of Oscar season comes the holiday movie season.  Blockbuster tentpole releases, family films (some crappy, some fun), & a few Oscar stragglers.

Here are a few upcoming releases that I’m excited about.  Hmmm… they all come out within 5 days of each other.

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