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Review: Date Night

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The Basics: Tina Fey & Steve Carrell combine their entertainment super powers to play a married couple on a date night (need I say “Spoiler”?) that goes very, very wrong.

What I Liked:  Obviously, the stars.  Carrell & Fey are both funny & smart and together they create a kind of vortex of hilarious.  Each of them excels at playing very normal suburbia types  that most of us relate to who are put in outrageous situations  and that’s the case here.  There were moments that, honestly, in the script weren’t that funny but these actors made them awesome.  The outtakes at the end are proof that the funny is all about the actors.

What I Didn’t Like: The movie does have its moments when the humor falls short.  And both the script and the pace is sometimes uneven.

Bottom Line:  Not the funniest movie ever but if you make me wheeze when I laugh and then laugh later that night when I’m trying to fall asleep, you get my vote!

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Review: The Young Victoria

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This little British pic has been wandering around Europe and the festival circuit for over a year now.  Very glad to see it as award season kicks off.

The Basics:  While there are plenty of movies about the later years of Queen Victoria, this one covers – Surprise! – her younger years, especially the first three years of her reign. Read more

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Review: Avatar

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I have to admit that despite the fact that this was James Cameron’s first feature since the gargantuan Titanic, I really didn’t get what all the fuss was about.  But imagine with me, if you will, a world where George Lucas still had all this amazing technology available to him but he hadn’t forgotten how to direct actors or how to tell a decent story.

The Basics:  I won’t give more away than what’s in the trailers; a planet called Pandora with a native population, a crippled marine with the chance to live through another body, and some cool new technology (both in the movie & in the making of the movie). Read more

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Review: Sherlock Holmes

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Merry Christmas to me!  Sherlock Holmes is out & it stars 2 very attractive men.  Hee, hee.

The Basics:  I’m assuming you know Sherlock from all the books, movies, and slew of cultural references (my favorite being “No s**t, Sherlock.”).  Here Guy Ritchie directs the latest update on the Victorian sleuth with Robert Downey Jr in the lead and Jude Law as Watson. Read more

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Review: The September Issue

vogueChick 1 says:

Apologies for the long silence.  This fall I found myself searching for my first home in order to take advantage of the tax credit.  I had no idea how much time that would take.  Now we’ll see how much moving both my home & my office during the holidays will take!

Anyway, I have seen a few movies including this documentary on Vogue & its infamous editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour.  Read more

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Review: G.I. Joe

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First off, apologies for the long silence.

Now on to G.I. Joe, which I can describe in one word, and I truly mean this as a compliment, …craptastic!  OK, I totally stole that description of the movie from, but it’s completely accurate.

The Basics: Have no idea how to sum this up.  Elite group of soldiers, bad guys, stolen weapons, secret training lairs, blah, blah blah.  If you’ve watched the cartoon or read the comics, you know.  If you haven’t, you’ll catch on quickly. Read more

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Review: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

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Based on the sixth book in the series, Half-Blood Prince is my favorite.  We get loads of info on Voldemort thanks to Dumbledore and his cabinet full of memories and Harry finally gets a clue about who his true love is.

The Basics: When Harry returns to Hogwarts for his sixth year, Dumbledore begins to train him in earnest for a final showdown with Voldemort and gives him an important mission concerning the new Potions Master.  Conveniently, Harry is acing Potions class with the help of a mysterious but ominous textbook.  Read more

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Review: Undercover Blues

Chick 1 says:undercoverblues

I have loved this movie since it came out.  Watched it the other night with friends.

The Basics: Jeff & Jane Blue, played by Dennis Quaid and Kathleen Turner, are spies who have retired to raise their adorable toddler girl.  Naturally, events conspire to pull them back into the undercover world, bringing new meaning to the phrase Baby on Board.  Hilarity ensues.

What I Liked:  A great deal of the humor in this movie comes from the charm of the players themselves.  Dennis Quaid is sooo cute in this & delivers some great lines.  He and Kathleen Turner have sparkling chemistry together, not to mention a great 90′s preppy wardrobe.   Really, even the smallest roles add to the laughter and create some quite quotable lines.  But no one steals the show like Stanley Tucci in a rather un-PC role as a lowlife thug and would-be assasin.  “My name….is Muerte!”  There are plenty of laughs all around and all the characters are just so much fun to hang out with.

What I Didn’t Like:  Very little.  The world in which this story takes place is rather innocent but I really like that.  This is total popcorn entertainment.  I must admit the action is a bit slow and dated at times.  One fight where Turner beats up a kidnapper has to be the slowest non-slow-mo fight sequence on film since the 50s.  You can almost hear the director say “Action!” at the beginning of each shot.

Bottom Line: Fun, light, clean entertainment with lots of laughs.  Worth a rental.

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Review: Up

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The Basics: I don’t really want to give you the basics of this one.  It’s such a delight to discover the plot as it unfolds.  You can see the trailer here if you like.

What I Liked:  I was completely captivated by the lead character from the very first moment.  As I’ve ranted previously, Pixar really does know how to tell a story and this movie is a great example of “show, don’t tell”.  It was exciting, funny, and made me cry more than once.  The animation is gorgeous.  Some of the landscapes look real.  Really all the characters are wonderful.  It’s strange because some of the plot points I could see coming from a mile away but I still found it exciting and gasped more than once.  I think that is because along with some great action sequences, the themes of the movie are really grown up.  Again, I won’t go into detail but, in many ways, this isn’t a kids movie.  Yes, it’s safe for kids and definitely whimsical but who says whimsical is a kid’s thing?

What I Didn’t Like:  (crickets chirping)

Bottom Line:  A delightful, touching, beautiful story.  Bring your funny bone & some tissue.

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Review: Eagle Eye

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Combine I, Robot with the Matrix and you’ve got Eagle Eye.  Jerry Shaw (Shia LaBeouf) and Rachel Holloman (Michelle Monaghan) are swept up in the world of national secret intelligence and forced to carry out the orders of a mysterious female voice on every cellular and mobile device around them.  Of course, they soon uncover a plot that threatens national security.  I wonder if they thwart it?  Read more

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